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“Dears Bethea:

Thank you very much for the “Archangel Michael Medallion”. It gives me more self confidence. I can not tell much about it as I just have it for a few days but I am very grateful for all the positive waves that you are sending to me.”



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“hi bethea plesae dont st0p e-mailing me. everytime i read one of your messages, i feel so much better. i wish i could get this necklace,but i can t afford it. i brought the archangel michael, and i could hardly afford it. i m living off of $623.00 amonth.evry penny i have to save. if you are are as good as i think you are,then you know i m telling the truth. bless you. love phyllis *”

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“Thank you very much for sending me the Medallion I couldn t be happer with it. I allready feel more at peace.”

-T. Woodward

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“Yes I did receive my medallion and to be honest with you I have never felt a more powerful piece in my hands. As I was charging the medallion my hands were vibrating and tingling. Although to disappointment the lobster claw clasp on the chain broke in the 3rd day of wearing it. ”


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“Thank you for all your emails and my weekly forcast and spiritual guidance. I love my medallion. It has given me protection and some very good luck since i received it. I just started a new job making more money than i have ever made before. I got this job right after i started wearing my medallion. Maybe just a coincidence but i dont think so. thank you so much.’

-Cindy H.

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“Within three days of “activating” my medallion, I received a check for $200 in the mail. On the fourth day, I received notice that an apartment I had wanted to move into had become available to me for a Dec. 1st move in!”


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“Hi Bethea, Recieved my medalion. It is more beautiful than I imagined!! I have had many compliments from people and especially from my best friend who is Chancillor of St Steven s College here in Edmonton. Many exciting things have happened since I have started wearing them. I am being blessed with a lot of good things. It is beautiful. Thankyou, Darlene K.”

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