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“The Bracelet of Power is wonderful. Thank You”



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“Iam writting you in regard of  your lovely bracelet I felt the power the first day I recieved  I met a wonderful young lady we were so compatible I  still can t believe it s true, but my problem is I lost my bracelet, becuase of  loop on the clasp was unsecure something so powerful should be more secure can you help me with this problem  I know I must pay how can I get another bracelet I  really like that bracelet of power.”



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“When I first got the braclet nothing happened. I put it on differently and voile my life changed!!!! I found the love of my life. Boo hoo!! I lost my braclet. I wore it daily. I’m not worried. I feel i’m going to find it. Thanks for asking.”


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“I must say thank you to you b coz the nine miracle stone are doing miracle for me…some how im feeling im having gd luck now”


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The bracelet was lovely. The day it arrived my daughter was visiting, talking about her troubles. She was just divorced and lost her job. She has two children and was scared something else was going to happen. 

I opened the package as we talked and I read the letter, thinking my daughter needs good luck more than I, so I showed her the letter and the bracelet. She put on the bracelet, saying “I need all the luck I can find.”

That was about two months ago. Many changes have happened. She finally sold her house (she was close to loosing it) and was able to buy a car, plus one of the biggest aerospace companies at Nasa hired her. Of couse, she had forgotten about the bracelet, until I reminded her. She refuses to give it back (ha). I never had the chance to wear it.

I really don’t know if the bracelet helped but her life did turn around and for that I’m thankful. 

Claudette B.”

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Hi Since I got the bracelet I feel like I have more energy. I’m at the gym 5-6 days a week and just feel so much better. ’07 was not a good year for me at all and now with the bracelet it seems like I got a brand new start. I just to worry alot with money and stuff but now I’m not because I know everything will work out. I feel more relaxed about things. Camilla

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“Dear Bethea, As I’ve told you before my Medallion of Hope I gave to my son as a gift and he wears it all the time. He got different job offers and recently got job offers from Australia and hopefully going Jan or Feb 2008. My Bracelet of Power was given to my daughter and now she has started a catering business and slowly picking up. My children’s success is also my success and thank you “

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