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“Dear Bethea,

I wish to thank you for the booklet “The Secret Realm of Your Personal Power” which is exceptionally adequate image of my personality despite some inaccuracies and failures.”

-Christopher C


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“am looking forward to receiving your book and gift I am wishing/hoping this will help me, your last email made me really think…. You seem to know whats been going through my head and it scared me at first so I kept your last email open and thought and went to sleep. Whwn i woke imade the decision to buy your book. I want to say sorry for my first reply i was a little mean.>.> But this is the internet so I got on the defensive kinda but I truly feel you are real. Is very nice to meet you and again I am very much looking forward to receiving your things”


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“Hello there My dear, Yes, I did get my copy of The Secret Realm of Your Personal Power and I love it… It took me a couple of nights to read it just because I wanted to focus on each section. So as to maybe absorb the positive aspect of it. Thank you so much and I am sure that in the long run it will help me out. I have no income as of 3 years ago and 6 months ago had back surgery. So at this point of my life I will try anything that is not going to cost me moneys. You have sent me dates and lucky # s that have not worked yet. But maybe some day soon they will…. I only hope…”


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“Yes, I thank you very much, I have received the “secret realm of my personal power” and this is helping me to have more confidence in myself.”


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“Hi Bethea, Yes, I have received my Secret Realm of Personal Power and have had the chance to read the entire book. It was very helpful and I enjoy going back and studying different sections when I have time. I have been making a valiant effort to ask God for what I want. And since I received the Secret Realm I have been given a Project Management roll on one of the projects at my new employment. I have been in Project Coordination for about 16 yrs and have experience as a PM but, have not been able to break back into the Project Management roll for about 2 yrs.”


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“Hi Bethea, just sending you a short email to let you know that I recvd Wendy Carols report …it is awsome . Please tell her…thanks, so much. I really appreciate it.”


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“I am wearing my talisman right now. And have found it to be very interesting.”


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